We do things differently...


DOSPLUS was founded by Martin Raymond in 1998 and is commercially registered under the name of DOSPLUS. We also operate under some other names like R2MAX, CAPITAL CODING, CANADALANCE and HOSTBEES. We are a good standing member of the Better Business Bureau.

When you buy products or services from DOSPLUS, you can be assured that we will respect a set of good commercial practices allowing us to achieve customer satisfaction and a professional long term relationship. Obviously, we appreciate making some profits along the way, but never to our customer's expense. The owner’s pride is to ensure that every employee is skillful and truthful. He also pays a particular attention to customer service and customer satisfaction.

If you ever encounter a problem with one of our services, please allow us the opportunity to make it right by directly contacting the owner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..